Trolling Motor Solar Kit

Solarland marine mount panel

Using a small Solar Panel we can double your on the water trolling time!

Or go to a 70 Watt System and run your trolling motor and other gear all day.

The Solarland SLP Marine solar modules are manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure longer life and excellent performance.


The SolarLand SLP070-12M solar module is designed for the marine environment and for installations in the narrow spaces usually found in boats and RVs.

Trolling Motor Solar Kit
                 SolarLand SLP070-12M

Solarland panels of the Series M, usually meant for Marine and other off-grid applications in harsh environments, feature the Pro-charge junction box. The down cover of this waterproof and dust-proof junction box is an IP65 approved design that includes a rubber seal. The Pro-Charge junction box has improved heat dissipation features that allows for better interior temperature and higher module performance. The Pro-Charge junction box is found in 70W panel SLP070-12M and 90W panels SLP090-12M and SLP090-24M.

Recommendations for the Solarland 70W solar panel:

Charge controller
Small applications with solar panels larger than 10W require a charge controller to regulate the charging of the battery. 10A charge controllers are well suited to operate with solar panels ranging from 45W to 120W. Some of our most popular models feature Low Voltage Disconnect (LDV) and can operate interchangeably with 12V and 24V systems.

The Universal Z-shape mounting bracket SLB-0102 can be used to mount any Solarland solar panel ranging from 10W to 140W on a flat surface.

Some handy accessories to control your load are the Flexcharge 12V Timer and the 12V Watchman Photoswitch.

Complete Kits
To facilitate the selection process we can put together a complete kit that include, solar panel, charge controller, cables and mounting brackets. They are available in 12V and 24V.

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