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Model Number Description Retail Sale Price
30W Solar Charging Station > >

30 W Solar Module and 5 meter cable with connector

1 Powerbank – Phone Charger Adapters

3W LED Lamp with cable and on/off switch

USB Adapter- 18 AH Battery

 $282.75 Call
SNLP-E/500 500W Smart Power Manager  $130.14  Call
BSS-00107 Solar Powerpack 2.0 Solar Torch  $23.20
BSS-00217 Solar Powerpack 2.0  LED Desk Lamp Red  $19.22
BSS-00314S Solar Powerpack 3.0 Matrix Lamps  $49.30
BSS-00318 Solar Powerpack 3.0 Solar Lantern $39.88
BSS-00508LJ  Solar LED Tube Lamp Lighting Kit – 5W Solar Module  $70.33
SLAR-J45D DC 12V/24V 120VAC Solarland 45 Liter Stainless Steel Refrigerator $688.75  Call
SLAR-J90D DC 12V/24V 120VAC Solarland 90 Liter Stainless Steel Refrigerator $812.00  Call
 Rubber Corner Piece  $1.09
SDP-W-1  USB Mini Fan 2.5W/5V $6.89
SDP-W-4  USB 10 in 1 Phone Jack $3.27

  3m Extension Cable with inline On/Off Switch (use with SLL-L2403D/L2405D)

SDP-Y-4 10 in 1 USB Cell Charger Adapter (1m)  $4.28
SLL-FL2350D-ST 50W/12V LED Floodlight 4500m w/1400m Cable  $112.38 Call
SLL-L1903DA-2.1  12VDC/3W T5 LED Tube Light Pure White $11.24
SLL-L1915DA  12VDC/1.5W T5 LED Tube Light Pure White $8.34
1.2W/12VDC LED Bulb Pure White  $4.72
SLL-L2403D 3W/12VDC LED Bulb Pure White $7.18
SLL-L2405D 5W/12VDC LED Bulb Pure White  $7.62
SLSC-01 Economy Battery Clamp Set  $2.90
SLSC-02 Elite Battery Clamp Set $5.80
SLSC-03 Positive Battery Clamp Set $3.27
SLSC-04 Negative Battery Clamp Set $4.72
SLSC-05  Battery Clamp Set with 3ft Wire  $4.72


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